Actionable Dashboards

Your Software’s Biggest Hype‑Man

An often missed opportunity in showcasing how your app delivers on its promises, a worthy dashboard shortcuts users to meaningful takeaways and actions, helping them make crucial decisions.

Don't overload your users with ChartJunk! An actionable dashboard is not about reporting, but about clarifying what to do next.

The Reality

You’re Tracking Stuff. Is It Adding Value?

A No-Brainer

Every app has a dashboard, and yours is no different. But what’s it doing for you?


You offer users charts and reports, but it’s not the core value of your promise.

Stats & Alerts

You quantify user activities, but don’t know how or if they use this information.

Common UX Issues

Noisy, Static and Soon to be Ignored

No Insights

Lots of charts are being shown without takeaways, assuming they are obvious.


Over-reporting activity teaches users to mistrust and disregard your alerts and notifications.

No Guidance

It doesn’t help users understand the app’s real purpose or funnel them toward key actions.


What’s measured doesn’t change much over time and is stating what users already know.

Dashboard Design Principles

Remind Them of Why You’re Working Together

Takeaways Come First

Highlight numbers that relate to customer desires, or back up real insights.

Routing, Not Reporting

Direct people to screens and activities that are relevant right now.

Forget the Small Stuff

Relocate small metrics, like the number of projects, even if they help balance things.

Be Vigilant About Clutter

Hide modules that haven’t changed in awhile or aren’t saying something new.

Discovery Questions

Rediscover What You Have to Offer Users

Key Outcomes

Who is this app for? What are they trying to accomplish?

Team Ecosystem

How do users relate to each other? How do actions differ by role?

Data Model

Where does the data originate? How do users interact with it?

Usage Cycles

Where do users spend their time? How often do they engage?

Related Use Cases

A Dashboard That Shows Its Worth in Two Weeks

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