Unique Data Models • UDMs

An Interface That
Brings Your Data to Life.

Whether your data model is graph-based, spatially-oriented, or just deep and complex, your interface is what makes it feel concrete and tactile for users.

The Reality

Central to Your Vision. Sorta Invisible.


Solving your customer's problem requires a complicated, non-linear or atypical data model (UDM).


Your customer complains that your UI feels tedious, rigid, intimidating or difficult to make sense of.


Your team struggles to find a simple, compelling way of interacting with your data structure.

Common UX Issues

Stock Patterns are UDM Value-Blockers

Too Abstract

CRUD functionality can turn complex models into abstract views that are hard to grok.

Too Repetitive

Endless wizards and interstitials mean more clicks and slower outcomes.


The big picture becomes hard to encompass, and gets sliced up into siloed views.

In the Weeds

Collaboration is more about managing UI, distanced from the real ideas beneath.

UDM Design Principles

Your Data is the Star. Bring it Forward.

It's About Relationships

Embody the data model by making unique relationships the primary lens.

Bigger Shapes Come First

Cull detail to make room for big pictures; then reveal it as users express interest.

Let Users Touch the Data

Directly interacting with the objects, not just inputs, creates a feeling of directness.

See Something, Do Something

Offer functionality based on what users can see and click on the screen.

Discovery Questions

Let's Discuss Your Vision's Foundation

User Reality

What aspect of your user's context does your data model represent?

Data Structure

What object relationships are most central to your model? Why?


How do users navigate and traverse the existing system?


What interactions are core to the experience as designed today?

Related Use Cases

Two Weeks to a More Tangible Experience

Present your product's Unique Data Model—and vision—in a more intuitive, more tactile way.

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