Designing With AI

Invest Wisely in This Emerging Technology

It’s impossible to deny AI as the most promising new tool in every B2B company’s stack. But extracting value from this recent newcomer requires designs that account for its unique downsides.

The Reality

A Strong Ally.
Not Without its Quirks.

Big Opportunities

Your core use case just got more interesting, thanks to the promise of AI.

Hidden Limits

You’re struggling to get the results users want, or are simply underwhelmed.

Fierce Competition

It’s an arms race: everyone is sprinting to crack the same nut before you do.

Common UX Issues

The Struggle For a Quality Experience

No Control

Results are unpredictable when AI owns too much of the solution.

Confidently Wrong

Non-expert customers are incapable of fixing what generative AI creates.


Where AI power is subdued, gains are marginal over non-AI solutions.


Hilarious mishaps that don't live up to your ideal brand image.

AI Design Principles

Design With AI,
Not Because of it.

Stay Problem-focused

Treat AI as a utility, not an advantage: It’s not the reason your users are here—you are.

Multiply Human Value

AI doesn’t add value—it multiplies the value of an existing idea or solution.

Mess With the Volume

Maturity takes time. For any one idea, explore multiple levels of AI involvement.

Design a Safety Net

Your job is to support users, no matter how much product influence you give to AI.

Discovery Questions

Let’s Discuss How AI Supports Your Cause.

Value Proposition

What unique outcome are you trying to create for your customers?

AI Challenges

What has been the hardest part about getting good results with AI?


How is your approach distinct from similarly positioned teams?


How is AI being applied by similarly positioned product teams?

Related Use Cases

Two Weeks to Better Results With AI

Let’s design a solution that strikes an effective balance between AI’s emerging power while avoiding its unique downsides.

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