Demos That Deliver

Tell a Hair-Raising Product Story

Every beat matters. So whether you’re selling your product through live pitches or self-serve subs, your demo has to immersively, believably close the story you’ve set up.

The Reality

Then, From Out of Nowhere...

An Upcoming Pitch

An opportunity to sell to a new customer or investor just fell into your lap.

A High Bar

The stakes are high, and the turn-around short, but you’d really like to land this.

A Weak Story

You don't feel like the experience really supports the story you’re trying to sell.

Common UX Issues

Flat Arcs and Forgettable Experiences

No Hero

Your extensive feature list has dampened the impact of your big aha moment.

No Stakes

Your demo doesn’t set up a real customer problem or the risks of not solving it.

No Story

It feels more like a feature walkthrough than an easy to follow narrative.

Too Heady

Your audience has to learn new concepts in order to understand your solution.

Demo Design Principles

UI Supports Story. Not the Other Way Around.

Provide the Backstory

A satisfying end requires setting up what happened before your app swooped in.

Focus on the Main Arc

Don’t let B-features distract from the core problem and the flows that solve it.

The System Plays a Role

Not all plot points require clicks: give passive UI a persuasive supporting role.

Let UI Be Your Script

Arrange your UI so that it’s always there to provide the desired interactive beat.

Discovery Questions

Let’s Work Backwards From the Ending


What ending do you envision for your customers after using your software?


Why is your solution effective in countering their current situation?


What solutions have they tried prior to your product? Why don't they work?


What beliefs or constraints are holding your customers back? Why?

Related Use Cases

Two Weeks to a More Captivating Demo

Let’s design the demo that pays off the promise you made on your landing page—and feels amazing to present—beat by beat.

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