Effortless Onboarding

Scaling Your Vision, Beyond the Minimum

When your app grows from dozens to hundreds or thousands, the white gloves will have to come off. And designing for self-service will become a key UX priority.

The Reality

You Won’t Always Be There to Explain

Bigger Pond

Your product has recently been made available to more customers than ever before.

Rough Edges

The self-service version of your app isn’t quite there yet, and new users are struggling with it.

Small Team

You don’t have bandwidth to support users or hand-tailor the experience, like you used to.

Common UX Issues

Customers Can't Decipher Your Approach

No Head-start

Not being upfront about outcome and steps to get there will feel like a total slog.

No Big Picture

Users can’t discern the whole concept from a set of seemingly unrelated parts.

Too Expert

Users will feel intimidated if the app demands too much expertise upfront.


Without a firm concept of what the app’s approach is, users aren’t in control.

Onboarding Design Principles

Don’t Invent a Language. Speak in a Shared One.

Clarify the Key Arc

Clearly articulate and showcase your most common user journey.

Employ a Familiar Base

Align with user expectations by starting from common UI or industry frameworks.

Instructive Navigation

Clear nav labeling explains your product’s structure and approach at a high level.

Be Novel Where it Counts

Reinvent the wheel, only where you want to highlight what makes you different.

Discovery Questions

Let’s Find Common Ground Together


What aspects of your app have customers described having trouble with?


Which of the customer issues are you most worried about? Why?


What is the most important outcome your product offers to customers?


What are are the steps to reach that outcome? Which are the most critical?

Related Use Cases

Two Weeks to a
Smoother First-Run

Onboard customers with clear expectations, a shared language, and faster, happier outcomes.

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